Connecting Families Since 1992

Connecting Families Since 1992

Connecting Families Since 1992Connecting Families Since 1992

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 A few years ago, Ms. Steiner collaborated with my wife to present me with a treasured family genealogy...back to 1730, and through that I've got names to work with as I study my own Native American history.   The professional touch is Ms. Steiner's dedication to details and resolving conflicting information as she came across it. It made it more real to me than just...saying "my ancestors," now my ancestors have a name! ~ Ben, Okla.

 Wow!!! You're amazing!! I can't believe how quickly you were able to find this much info...I am in awe over my great and great great's amazing to me that I went through life not even knowing this info or even being told about these people.  ~  Precila, N.M.

 I just wanted to thank you for all your help! You've cleared away many of the stumbling blocks! I would like to uncover some more at a later time but you do a great job! Keep connecting people with their pasts!  ~ Kevin, Penn.