Family Trees, Books and Charts

Family Trees

 It only takes a little information to begin finding your family history, even if you don't have the exact names or birth dates of your relatives. 

 You will receive a copy of your family tree file once research is completed. This will allow you to upload it to a free site so you can continue to add information as your family grows, and you can also share the file with others.

Local and International records found during research may include:

  • Photos of your Ancestors
  • Marriage / Divorce Records
  • Birth / Death Records
  • Military Service Records
  • Native American Ancestors
  • Daughters and/or Sons of the American Revolution records
  • Land Deeds
  • Passenger & Immigration documents
  • Grave Markers (headstones)
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Yearbook Images
  • Pension Records
  • Property Maps

Begin your journey today!

Native American Heritage

Many people have been told they have Native American Indian ancestry. Tracing this genealogy is not like other family trees and requires expert knowledge of how the U.S. government viewed and classified Indians. Eligibility for enrollment into a Federally Recognized Tribe is dependent upon the Tribe's requirements. Finding the necessary documents has been a specialty of Aspen Genealogy since 2005. If you believe you are one of these Native Americans adopted during this time, contact us for specialized research.

Birth Parent Locates

  Aspen Genealogy has been assisting people in locating their birth parent(s) since 2010, and has been successful in providing the information necessary for reunification. An adoption search for birth parents can be overwhelming, and sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to break through a brick wall.

Native American Adoptees: Between 1950 - 1970 over 2 million Native American children were forcibly removed from their families and placed into non-Native foster and adoption situations. Aspen Genealogy is honored to have aided some of these people reconnect with their tribal heritage.

  Success stories are possible and happen every day.

Family Tree Charts & Family Tree Books



  • Family Tree Charts can be customized with a background image of your choice or one from our wide selection of graphics. Layout options also include a variety of colors, fonts and chart formats.
    Family Tree Charts can be copied and shared, and make a great gift anytime!
    See the Gallery for examples of customized charts.



  • A Family Tree Book is a lasting legacy you can leave for future generations. It can also be a great conversation starter for your family today!
      Your  book will include a Table of Contents in the front and a Name Index in the back. Many people choose to put the book in a 3-ring binder so new information can be added as your family grows.
     Pedigree Charts include a numbering system so you can easily track the connection of distant ancestors.
      You choose the cover design and what records and images you want included. Family Tree Books can be copied and shared, and make a great gift anytime!
     A sample book can be seen in the Gallery.
      Begin creating your legacy today!.