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Research & Record Pulls



 Select how many hours of research time you would like from the drop-down list (below), or by sending a check or money order to Aspen Genealogy. Instructions may be included with the payment or sent to
Aspen Genealogy      
P.O. Box 17491      
Indianapolis, IN 46217
There is no charge to set up your Family Tree with the information you provide, and you will receive updates as research progresses.


 Please note that while any proprietary information you send me is your property and will not be shared without your permission, the information that I find and my report are not. I reserve the right to use information discovered in my research in other research or in    presentations, either written or oral. Although I hold the copyright to my report, you may publish material from my report or the complete report if you give me the opportunity to review the material prior to its publication. You may also share my report with other researchers as long as you share the complete report and not extracts from it. 

Family Tree Books


   A Family Tree Book options include:

  • Basic pedigree charts that show the connection between all generations
  • A Table of Contents
  • A Name Index referencing all pages on which your ancestors appear
  • A Place Index that connects your ancestors to locations they were documented
  • Any or all records and images discovered during research, such as found here

    You will receive your Book as a PDF file or you can choose to have it assembled in a 3-ring binder so new information can be added as your family grows. The cost of your customized Family Tree Book is One Hour of time for each block of 50 people.   

    The Book is yours to copy and share.

Family Tree Charts


 Customized Family Tree Charts are $30.00 and will be invoiced upon completion. You may choose a Background Image from our Gallery or provide your own. Name boxes, borders, fonts and text boxes can be customized; photos are optional.

The Chart is yours to copy and share.

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